Jacob Ospino Siedberg

I met Lars in the autumn of 2017. I studied and had worked for 2 years on my personal practice (yoga and meditation) but felt very sprawling and unclear. Still I thought I knew a lot and that I had come a long way.

But then I met Lars and much changed. It was like my world was turned upside down during one evening of meditation with him. I got a huge ”aha”-experience while also being very inspired by him — his knowledge, humor and his heart.

I became more curious about the method that he taught so I chose to immerse myself in it and meditated a lot every day. I really felt an incredibly special community that I’ve never experienced before, with Lars and others who have been to Lars’ meetings. We also became good friends and I feel that I developed my presence in a very short time.

Today I am incredibly grateful for that time and knowledge that Lars has shared. Describing him is difficult but I know for sure that he is sensitive, funny, smart and absolutely amazing. Thank you, dear Lars. Looking forward to new adventures with you.