People sometimes ask me: ”What kind of Yoga do you teach?”

I find it harder and harder to answer that question. The deeper I go, the more complex the question of what Yoga is becomes. Sometimes I understand Yoga as the ”teaching of awareness”. But since awareness is such a lofty concept, it makes it even more difficult to try to explain how that is taught.

The most comfortable way I have found, so far, in terms of explaining what Yoga I teach, is to answer: ”I teach experimental Yoga”. Like an artist, someone who can be or create anything by calling himself an artist, I have found a way of doing something similar by calling my Yoga ”experimental”.

Of course I am well aware of Patanjali, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and much of the rest of the lore of Yoga. But is that me and my teaching? Maybe sometimes it is. Sometimes it is not.