Yog(urt) and Tea in Bangkok

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Yoga has many names and one of them is the shorter ’Yog’. I played around with words and smilingly decided to call this workshop: ”The workshop of Yog(urt) and Tea”. The meaning is simple — it’s a workshop of three parts: 1) Yoga, 2) Yogurt and 3) Chinese Tea.

How can these things be seen as related to each other? Other than being three passions of mine are they also three powerful practices to make the body strong and healthy. Let me explain what will happen during the workshop and you might see the connection yourself:


This part of the workshop is mainly focused on what is called ”Hatha Yoga”. Yoga postures (Asana) will be considered to be the main subject of this part. Yoga postures is a perfect balance between 1) control and 2) relaxation of the body in standing, sitting, lying and inverted positions.

Breathing practices (Pranayama) and methods of concentration (Dharana) will be introduced as well.

The aim of this particular part of the workshop is to leave the student with more awareness in bodily functions such as balance, coordination, proprioception (the ”6th sense”), relaxation and Agni (fire/cleansing of the body).


The main focus of this part is the use and science behind ”probiotics” — as a way to increase and strengthen mechanisms of the gut and digestive tract. Especially the three lower chakras will be affected positively. The motto in this part of the workshop is: ”A strong belly is a strong mind.”

Yogurt* will be used as a live example. We will learn how to grow yogurt with the help of a normal rice cooker. Every student will be supplied with the instructions and a yogurt starter to make it easier to replicate the procedure at home.

What is also going to be introduced is a way of analyzing ones own intestinal health through the use of Chi Nei Tsang (a.k.a. Abdominal Massage or Organ Massage).

* The yogurt is fermented with researched probiotic supplements and contain better and more probiotics than any yogurt you will find in the store.


The traditional way of preparing tea, referred to in China as ”Gong Fu Cha”, dramatically increases the natural benefits of tea. This is how tea can be used as a medicine or/and as a way that will lead to concentration/meditation. And this is how we will approach tea in this part of the workshop.

We will drink high quality tea in accordance to the way of Gong Fu Cha. Different teas will work on different chakras. We will use the tea as a springboard for going deeper in the Hatha Yoga practices.

One example of this is how the slightly fermented (Chinese) yellow tea, brewed in accordance with the principles of Gong Fu Cha, will activate the heart chakra which in turn is an excellent introduction to heart opening practices (like the classical position of ”Ushtrasana” or the more soft and modern position of ”Anahatasana”).

Good to know

As a participant in this workshop you don’t need to have a lot of experience of any of the subjects that will be introduced, the theory will be explained. The practices that will be introduced will be demonstrated in different variations, where most participants always will find one or more variation that will suit his/her body.

It should be clear that the workshop might be experienced as a energetic shift. As with any energetic shift — physical discomfort might arise. The student should be aware of this beforehand. Consider this energetic shift to be a detox.

If you are experienced in Yoga practices, physical as well as mental, you will probably appreciate this workshop a lot since it will give hands on directions on how to make your Yogic practice deeper and more precise.

If you are not that experienced, neither in Yoga nor in any other healthifying practice, this workshop will likely feel like a buffé table for you, where you can pick and choose from a large variety of practices and settle with what suits you.

Remember: What feels good feels good and it feels good to feel good.


If you have any questions regarding the content of the workshop, please contact me here.

Practical information

Time and date: 22-23 March, 9-12 a clock and 14-16 a clock both days

Location: Mercure Makkasan

Price: 5000 BAHT per person

Booking: Send an email to knathknit@gmail.com and give your name and contact info.

Video presentation of the workshop